19 May Sybian: An Amazing Ride!

sybianblueI’ve been staring at the computer screen for 10 minutes waiting for my eyes to focus and for the trembling to stop so I can write my review of the most powerful sex toy I’ve ever used! And that’s no exaggeration. An orgasm on the Sybian is a toe-curling, out of body experience. It left me totally incapacitated and completely wiped out!


The Sybian is a ride-on, industrial strength vibrator and “swirly” machine. The woman kneels down onto it, sliding the peg into the vagina. The Sybian comes with a variety of attachments in different sizes and textures. The controls allow you to adjust the intensity of vibrations: from gentle shaking, to “Hitachi”, to shattering your molars at 0 to 6,500 RPMs (The Hitachi Magic Wand has two vibration speeds: 5,000 and 6,000 RPMs.) There’s a separate knob to control the speed of the internally rotating dildo as it comes around to pound on the G-spot at 0 to 120 RPMs. In my opinion, the Magic Wand is the most powerful handheld vibrator ever made, and the Sybian is many times stronger than that!


After being on it for just a few seconds, it quickly surpassed anything I had ever experienced before. Seriously. The building could have burned down around me and I wouldn’t have budged or even noticed.


There is a learning curve to dealing with the intensity of orgasm you can obtain. It’s definitely a “pain-to-pleasure” experience; you have to push beyond the plateaus and allow that exquisite sensation become the extreme pleasure of an outstanding orgasm.


I am confident that women who have difficulty orgasming will have their best change of climaxing with the Sybian. Not to mention that it’s an amazing aerobic work-out!

Ride a Sybian

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