Private Sessions

Our resident sexologist, Melissa Jones, works directly with couples and individuals to address their sexuality interests and goals to achieve fulfillment through technique-based direction that enhances knowledge and skills.

A Session Can Address . . .

  • Orgasm difficulties.
  • Low sexual desires.
  • G-Spot orgasms.
  • Body image issues, such as genital size and appearance.

  • Lack of sexual skills.
  • Developing confidence.
  • Painful sex (working in conjunction with medical professionals).
  • Ejaculatory control issues (premature or delayed).

  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Lack of dating or social skills.
  • Relationship conflicts.
  • Kink, fetish and BDSM sexuality.

What's the first session like?

We’ll start by gathering information and talking about the issues, then things move forward quickly as we map out the course of action. The process is goal-focused, present-centered and results-driven.


We’ll work to achieve a rich, creative, playful, and passionate sex-life, how to communicate easily and authentically, and how to cut loose and play.

How many sessions will I need?

Usually it takes just one visit to achieve progress and be on the path to success, while others come back for routine maintenance. How often we work together is entirely up to you.

How long is a session?

We meet for just as long as you need. When you book your session, you pick how long you want it to be.

Are you a surrogate?

My work can be “surrogate-like” in that I may interact and instruct through interactive role-play. I will listen, teach, encourage, inspire and coach you from the sidelines. But no, I don’t have sex with clients.

Can you teach me the secret to great sex?

Yes. Even in one visit, I can guide you in techniques that will rock your next date-night! (Cosmo magazine doesn’t know everything.)

How do I get started?

Scroll down to “Book a Session” and fill out the “Sexual History and Goals” form, then schedule an appointment. We can visit at my office, by phone or video-chat.

Are sessions confidential?

Of course. My clients’ identity and everything we discuss is kept confidential. I will not release information about a client unless the client authorizes it, or unless I am required by law.

What are the fees?
Can I have a consultation even if I don't live in San Antonio?

Absolutely! We can visit by phone or Skype.


Office Session


Imagine a safe and comfortable place where we can discuss how you can have the most satisfying sex possible.


We’ll talk about the issues and gather the necessary information, then we’ll map out the course of action.


You’re welcome to come alone or bring your partner with you.


We’ll work to achieve a rich, creative, playful, and passionate sex-life, how to communicate easily and authentically, and how to open up so you can have a fulfilling sex life.

Field Session

Field Coaching

A field-coaching session offers an intensive interactive approach to addressing issues in a safe and comfortable environment where you can be guided to have intimate sex.


Through this special coaching method, couples are able to engage each other while receiving present, real-time support and guidance.


While listening and talking is productive, when it comes to sex, much of communication is nonverbal. Many people find it challenging to speak their wishes, to ask their partner for feedback, and to tell a partner when a change is desired.


An amazing transformation happens when we begin field coaching!

When couples begin touching, a whole new aspect of their relationship is revealed. For example, when they snuggle, they may have affection but are lacking passion. When they begin caressing, the dynamics between them may reveal that one partner is more direct while the other may be reluctant to reciprocate, and both become dissatisfied.


If sex were a football game, a therapist may ask you how the game went and how you feel about fumbling the ball. Whereas, a coach helps you devise plays and can be present to give support from the sidelines. I can sit with you two at a restaurant, I can help you shop for a new wardrobe, and I can even choreograph as you two snuggle on the couch. But like a football coach, I don’t join in the game. There are sex workers who offer to help by acting as a surrogate sexual partner, but my goal is to promote attachment so that you can develop a fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner.

A Weekend Intensive


A Weekend Intensive consists of….


  • 80-minute intake session on Friday at the Sexology Institute
  • 120-minute field session that evening
  • 50-minute follow-up session on Saturday back at the Sexology Institute.


You’ll also have one of our boutique concierges assigned as your personalized shopper.


Weekend Intensive – $450.


We can also arrange for your hotel stay and dining near the institute.


Prospective clients who want to schedule a Weekend Intensive, please indicate on your “Sexual History and Goals” form.

Book a Session Here


Using the form below, tell me about your sexuality goals, then schedule a session. The fees for all services are listed on Step 2. The first session will be at my office, by phone, or by video-chat (Facetime/Skype)–whichever you chose. You set the agenda, and we’ll establish an action plan that can include exciting homework!


(If you can’t see the booking widget, click here.)


After reviewing your “Sexual History & Goals” form, I’ll send you an email confirming the appointment.

Orgasm Training Program


  • The RestoreGasm program is a method to help women master their orgasmic potential.
  • A RestoreGasm session resets your mind and leaves you a clean slate. The flowers are brighter, the sky is bluer, and your mind is re-centered.
RestoreGasm gave me the power to control my sexual satisfaction with my partner.


  • RestoreGasm is an intensive 6-week exercise program designed to maximize a woman’s ability to orgasm.
  • Couples desire sexual release through intercourse, and RestoreGasm is the ideal program to achieve this.
  • The RestoreGasm program is an intensely personal experience just for women, taught through coaching.
  • RestoreGasm is not magic, spiritualism, or philosophy. It’s simple biology
I wish I'd known that I could have had this kind of orgasm 15 years ago! I had no idea my body could do that!

What’s a Session Like?

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