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Featured Artist

Stacy Levinson
Stacy Levinson

So many women and girls have negative perceptions of their bodies; this is both destructive and very unhealthy and can result in a damaged sense of self, poor self-esteem, and shame. We grow up comparing ourselves to and being compared to photo altered ideals. Our societal ideals have created females who feel bad about themselves. These body image issues can include weight, breast size, prettiness, and the unspoken of vagina.


While men tend to be proud of and talk openly about their penis’s, the majority of women feel shame or in the very least insecurity about their vaginas.


I came to the realization several years ago that so many women that I knew, respected, and loved felt shame in regards to their vaginas. Some couldn’t even discuss it, because they had been raised that it was taboo to do so, like a dirty little secret.


Because of this secrecy and shame, most women have grown up to feel like their vagina was different, gross even. Because it was taboo, they didn’t talk about it. The average woman has never even seen another woman’s vagina, and those who have might have only seen photo-altered versions.


I decided to embark on this emotionally complex and possibly controversial series, and cast women’s vaginas in glass. Research showed me that there was an artist in Australia who was working on a series called the Wall of Vagina, but no one had cast in glass. When I started taking the molds of women, I discovered that it empowered them! They felt beautiful and so proud of themselves.


I have been a glass artist for 14 years. My work is mainly architectural, such as sinks, tables, and light fixtures. I have studied at the prestigious Pilchuck Glass School twice, and have been included in their annual juried auction three times.


I hope that my work empowers women and inspires them to feel good about themselves and to embrace their vaginas and let go of the negative connotations that they may have about themselves. No more shame.


Just like no two flowers are the same, no two vaginas are the same, but there is beauty in each one.

Christina Babin

Christina Babin’s work is an expression of her whimsical lifestyle, love for the female form, and her own sensual side. As a bohemian of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Christina’s works are in demand throughout the south and southwest. Not only is she an experienced acrylic-on-canvas artist, she and her husband are professional body painters. Their live art has been on display at festivals throughout the country.

Marcy Ann Villafaña

As a young child I drew on any and everything, making my mark on all my surroundings. I drew anything I could imagine. I was blessed in always having drawing tools, glue and scissors at my disposal. I was even cutting my sisters’ eyelashes off at the age of three, without my parents’ permission of course. A very exact and precise form of cutting and drawing soon developed.


Inspired by the works of Patrick Nagel, Wyland and Robert Mapplethorpe, a child of the 80s’, I derived my own style through my love of cutting paper. This particular form of art is an expression of my need to control my environment. Unlike other artists who can paint and draw (which I do as well), I find my satisfaction in the precision of cutting the papers with a plain old Exacto knife and their textures. Nothing new… nothing fancy. No templates… no machines. Not the new cutting techniques or gadgets…no curved blades, just my hands, my eyes, and a straight blade. I developed this style when I teenager as a result of my near-sightedness.


My work is mostly of the feminine form. I see the beauty in the light and dark spaces of the figure and enjoy expressing it through color and or texture.


Currently I am playing with color, childhood dreams, sharing my love of the ocean… and life essential water. Feeling – freedom and gratitude.

Angela Michelle

Angela Michelle, a San Antonio resident, is photographer who specializes in fashion inspired portraiture and boudoir. Her work has been published worldwide and she has been a featured artist in art shows and publications. Growing up in Europe she was exposed to art at an early age and her appreciation for the human form can be seen in her fine art nudes where she focuses the sensuality of the female form. Her fashion inspired work is sometimes dark and edgy and sometimes whimsically ethereal. She takes inspiration from the world around her and her experiences in life. She graduated from UTSA where she earned a bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology. Angela loves showing people the beauty she sees in them and clients leave with more than photos they leave with an incredible experience. Angela’s studio is in the Bluestar Art Complex. She is available for private bookings and commercial work worldwide.

Angela Michelle
François Dubeau

François Dubeau’s work is a delightful paradox. Combining traditional techniques with the most modern of digital tools, Dubeau explores the simplest form of expression. His artistic exploration is one of simplicity, striving for the elemental. Dubeau’s work proceeds from a rejection of the growing complexity and rapidly accelerating pace of our modern lives. Going back to the most instinctual of basics, Dubeau’s work suggests a “modern cave painting”, exploring themes and forms that have inhabited humankind’s psyche since the dawn of time. His work is a soothing antidote to the stress, hysteria and flashing lights of the outside world. Combining the traditional techniques of the engraver, of the illustrator and of the painter, Dubeau’s work is as timeless as it is thoroughly modern.

Using a digital stylus, Dubeau explores raw, boundless movement on his virtual canvas, a random gesture always serving as the starting point. A single line often translates into hours of work as a stroke is forever repeatednever twice the same wayuntil the artist is satisfied with the end result. Once a drawing is complete, it is transferred to paper or canvas. Dubeau’s mastery of digital tools as a creative medium gives him complete freedom over his work. His combining of traditional and modern techniques allows him to bridge past and present, authenticity and simplicity in a truly unique, original way.

Behind the Canvas

François Dubeau grew up near Montreal, Canada and has always had a passion for drawing, photography and music.  He holds a BA in Communications Studies from Concordia University (Montreal) and has worked in public relations and marketing. A long-time computer enthusiast, he has gradually integrated technology in his artistic creation process.

François first showed his drawings to the public in 2005 and has been featured internationally at shows in Las Vegas, Québec, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and New York and elsewhere. He is a recipient of numerous awards including those from New York’s Art @ Large and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. In addition to his work as an artist, he is a senior officer at Prose Inc., a Montreal communications firm.

Artist in Action


Call for Artists

The institute accepts entries from artists and proposals for exhibits. Pieces should harmonize with the institute’s themes of sexuality, intimacy and sensuality. Artists are encouraged to submit digital images of their work via email. The institute’s artistic mission is to display pieces which are intimate yet not overtly graphic. Space is limited for wall pieces larger than 30 square feet. Commission rates are below community standards. Contact us for details.

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