11 Mar Mojo Mishap

By Erica Force   My husband and I have been together over eight years, always looking to enhance and build on intimacy. Knowing he would be at work all day I had the optimal opportunity to create something spicy!   Knowing exactly what time he would be home, I...

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Pulse II Duo

18 Aug Pulse II Duo

By Emily, Boutique Concierge I have spent hour and hours of research to find you guys the most awesome, high-quality toy! In other words, a “guybrator”! The Sexology Institute is happy to introduce the Pulse II Duo. Hot Octopuss is a British-founded company that gives a little...

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07 Apr Rules of Sexting

For those who don’t have teenagers or who don’t follow the congressional media, “sexting” is sending a text that contains sexual context. Usually when someone sexts, it’s with the intent of titillating or perhaps leading to a later sexual encounter. Sexting is usually portrayed as...

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28 Mar Belly Dancing

Welcome to the world of belly dance! Na’imah began belly dancing in 2011 at the Nazeem Allayl studios in Atlanta, Georgia under the direction of Schadia, a dancer and teacher of belly dance for over 20 years. She immediately fell in love with belly dance and...

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