Welcome to the Sexology Institute and Boutiquethe ultimate destination for connoisseurs of the sensual.


The institute hosts educational and motivational events, provides professional sex coaching, offers an exquisite retail experience and exhibits intimacy-themed art. Whether you’re a patron, client, student, or customer, you’ll find inspiration and resources to expand your horizons and enhance your sexuality.


Filled with educational materials, intimacy devices, and inspirational art, the institute invites visitors to attend events, read books, sample a documentary, admire our collections, browse art, purchase a product or just drop in to satisfy a curiosity. Couples and individuals can also meet with our resident sexologist to address their most intimate issues and be guided in their personal sexuality goals.



Come discover an exquisite retail experience intertwined with educational exhibits and intimately themed art. It’s a museum, art gallery, classroom and gift shop all rolled into one!

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Our resident sexologist, Dr. Melissa Jones, meets with couples and individuals to address sexuality and intimacy interests, concerns, and goals.

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The institute has a dedicated on-site education center that hosts a variety of events that will leave the audience blushing, laughing, and learning all at the same time.

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The Sexology Institute and Boutique is South Texas’ premier repository for intimately erotic art pieces. We house and display some of the most interesting and inspiring sexological “artifacts” in middle America.

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Before going through the coaching process...

Before going through the coaching process . . . I had to just pretend to know what I was doing. Now I really know what I’m doing. No more just going through the motions.

Our relationship has never been better.

Our relationship has never been better. We sit by each other, hold hands, and are so much more affectionate now.

My husband appreciates what we learned there.

My husband appreciates so much what we learned there. He is so caring and generous to me in bed now.

I think my husband appreciates the institute even more than I do...

I think my husband appreciates the institute even more than I do — and he’s never even been there!

You helped me understand.

You helped me understand that I just needed to tell my wife what I wanted sexually. It seems so simple now, but at the time I never thought about just talking to my wife about it.

This had a huge impact on our marriage.

This had a huge impact on our marriage. My wife and I were living apart when Dr. Jones first helped us. We had been seeing a traditional couples therapist for several years (we still find that helpful). Traditional therapy looks to the past to help in the future. Melissa … focuses on what will help in the here and now. That jump start is exactly what my wife and I needed to start rebuilding our relationship.


Melissa is extremely positive and helpful. She listens well and spoke to each of us with care and respect. It is rare to find someone so committed to helping others achieve happiness. I applaud Melissa for her work. Her heart is in the right place and she knows how to help a couple work through painful issues to find intimacy and joy in each other.


My wife and I have been back together for several months and are ready to start a family. With so many couples struggling for intimacy out there, I wish there were more like Melissa. Besides, I assure you, it will be the best homework you’ve ever had!

You've tapped into a severely unmet need...

You’ve tapped into a severely unmet need. Our sessions with you were the most honest and productive resource that we’d found.'re the best.

…you’re the best. I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me.

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